How Does Window Tint Reduce Heat Inside My Car?

Albuquerque summers are hot! The sun beats down unrelentingly, and that heat gets trapped inside your car, making it even hotter when you get inside. But, you can reduce heat buildup inside your car with a simple,  

How Much Will It Cost to Get Tinted Windows for My Business?

It comes as a surprise to many people that the same window films that can shade your vehicle for a cooler, more comfortable interior can be applied to commercial windows, too. Astro Auto Glass provides quality, affordable commercial window  

Car Window Replacement

Did you know that the windshield, side and rear windows of your vehicle provide 40-70% of the strength of your vehicle in the event of a rollover accident. For that reason, it’s important to receive car window replacement from certified  

Auto, Residential, & Commercial Window Tinting

Astro Auto Glass provides a wide range of auto, commercial and residential glass services in Albuquerque. Whatever your tinting needs, you can count on our certified technicians to provide you with an excellent, beautiful tint. Tell us about your  

Car Window Repair Services

Astro Auto Glass provides complete car window repair in Albuquerque, NM, including door glass, back glass, mirrors and car windshield repair. Our technicians can easily repair small rock chips and cracks, but you have to contact us, before the  

Why Choose Local Businesses?

There’s a long list of reasons that people choose brand-name businesses, and it’s usually due to misconceptions about quality and value. But did you know that small businesses have a vested interest in maintaining the economy of the area?  

Window Tinting: Multiple Benefits

It reduces the natural light that can make driving difficult during daylight hours, but does window tinting do anything other than make our eyes relax? It does! Not only does window tinting improve your privacy, allowing you to check  

Is Your Car Ready for the Heat?

New Mexico summers often reach temperatures in the high 90s and even the triple digits – and the inside of a parked car gets even hotter. An hour in 95 degree weather can bring a car’s internal temperature up  

Handling the Details

When summer vacation approaches, it’s time to handle all the little details and then toss caution to the wind and enjoy your family trips. All of the little things you have to address before you can enjoy some carefree  

The Importance of Window Tinting

Window tinting is an important part in keeping a car or truck looking great. Everyone knows that. What is less evident is that window tinting is also an important part in helping a vehicle maintain value over years of