How Does Window Tint Reduce Heat Inside My Car?

Albuquerque summers are hot! The sun beats down unrelentingly, and that heat gets trapped inside your car, making it even hotter when you get inside. But, you can reduce heat buildup inside your car with a simple, one-time fix—window tinting from Astro Auto Glass.

How Does it Work?

The purpose of window tinting is to protect the interior of the car from the solar radiation—that includes UV rays that deteriorate your upholstery and damage Continue reading “How Does Window Tint Reduce Heat Inside My Car?”

How Much Will It Cost to Get Tinted Windows for My Business?

It comes as a surprise to many people that the same window films that can shade your vehicle for a cooler, more comfortable interior can be applied to commercial windows, too. Astro Auto Glass provides quality, affordable commercial window tinting.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting offers a wide range of benefits for property owners/managers and building patrons. When you invest in top-quality film, you can:

    Improve energy efficiency. Window tinting film reflects significant amounts of visible light and invisible UV radiation to reduce heat build-up inside your commercial building. As a result, it is easier to maintain consistent indoor temperatures, so your HVAC system does not have to work so hard. Some companies can save more than 10% on energy costs per year.

    Enhance privacy. Window tinting reduces the extent to which outsiders can peer in. Limited visibility helps keep your business operations and patrons safe.

    Boost safety and security. The adhesive of window tinting film enhances the integrity and strength of window glass, increasing its shatter-resistance and minimizing spall.

Cost Considerations

Budget is always one of the top concerns of any business owner Continue reading “How Much Will It Cost to Get Tinted Windows for My Business?”

Car Window Replacement

Did you know that the windshield, side and rear windows of your vehicle provide 40-70% of the strength of your vehicle in the event of a rollover accident. For that reason, it’s important to receive car window replacement from certified auto glass technicians. From our high-quality Pilkington Glass to our DINITROL adhesive, you can rest assured that you are receiving a safe installation of your car window replacement when you choose Astro Auto Glass. Like all of our auto glass services, your car window replacement is backed by a lifetime warranty when you choose us.

Car Window Repair Services

Astro Auto Glass provides complete car window repair in Albuquerque, NM, including door glass, back glass, mirrors and car windshield repair. Our technicians can easily repair small rock chips and cracks, but you have to contact us, before the cracks become too large to repair. We strive to provide the most convenient auto glass repair services in Albuquerque. Our office is happy to handle your insurance claim from start to finish so you enjoy a hassle-free experience. We offer convenient on-site and mobile car window repair and replacement.

Why Choose Local Businesses?

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

There’s a long list of reasons that people choose brand-name businesses, and it’s usually due to misconceptions about quality and value. But did you know that small businesses have a vested interest in maintaining the economy of the area? They depend on it just as much as you do; it’s in their best interest in ensuring that products and services aren’t so expensive that people can’t afford them. And there are many other reasons why choosing local businesses can work in your favor.

Customer Service

Brand-name stores have a national presence. They don’t have to worry about a few unhappy customers or a reputation that one particular store may gather if they hire rude employees. Closing a single store won’t affect a brand-name company.

But it will have profound effects on a family-owned business or a privately owned company. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of business for a privately owned establishment. Satisfied customers spread word-of-mouth advertising and become repeat customers.

Community Support

Every business in a community pays taxes that help support public services. They also provide jobs for local residents and have a vested interest in keeping a neighborhood safe and crime-free. Choosing a small or privately owned business for your needs ensures that your money is going back to the community and not out of the country.

Many locally owned businesses end up recycling a large share of their revenue back into the local economy rather than spending it elsewhere on imported goods. With their interest in maintaining a strong local economy and community, many small or privately owned companies also support local causes, donating time, money and goods to schools, churches, other small businesses and more.

Receiving attentive customer service, getting quality work and supporting the community you live in makes choosing local businesses over brand-names an attractive option. Be viewed as a person, not a number and pick a local business!

Window Tinting: Multiple Benefits

Car wrapping specialist in the stationIt reduces the natural light that can make driving difficult during daylight hours, but does window tinting do anything other than make our eyes relax? It does! Not only does window tinting improve your privacy, allowing you to check your wallet or dial your phone without fear of disclosing private information, but it can even Continue reading “Window Tinting: Multiple Benefits”

Is Your Car Ready for the Heat?

New Mexico summers often reach temperatures in the high 90s and even the triple digits – and the inside of a parked car gets even hotter. An hour in 95 degree weather can bring a car’s internal temperature up to 140 degrees, or more than hot enough to fry an egg.

Your car’s hot interior can be a major inconvenience. A steering wheel that’s too hot to handle and a seat that’s uncomfortably warm make driving a hassle. And the heat in your car can damage the plastics used in vehicle interiors, causing them to release chemicals into the air you breathe.

You don’t have to suffer in a hot car, and be exposed to these chemical gasses. This summer, get your car ‘heat-ready’ with window tinting that will block the sun’s rays and keep your interior cool.


How Does Window Tinting Reduce Heat in a Car?

Window tinting works by applying a spectrally sensitive layer to the glass of a car’s window. As you probably learned in science class, light is a spectrum made up of different wave lengths. Tinted windows block certain wave lengths, only allowing some of them through.

When your windows are tinted, the thermal rays that generate heat are rejected. The rays that create natural light are allowed through, giving you plenty of visibility as you drive without worrying about roasting in your car.


How Much Heat Does Window Tinting Block?

The amount of heat blocked by tinted windows varies depending on the type of tint used. Basic tinting starts by blocking about 40% of the sun’s thermal rays. Other tints are available that can block up to 70-80% of the heat. If you’re not sure what level of heat rejection is best for your needs, give us a call; our team at Astro Auto Glass can help match you with the best tint for your needs.

Handling the Details

When summer vacation approaches, it’s time to handle all the little details and then toss caution to the wind and enjoy your family trips. All of the little things you have to address before you can enjoy some carefree time can be annoying. Don’t let maintenance on your RV be one of the things you let slide just to save yourself a little time!

It’s Just a Little Crack, Right?


A crack in your RV’s windshield isn’t just dangerous; it’s illegal. Windshields are part of the protective structure of a vehicle, and if they’re compromised, it can end in collisions. If you can’t see out of your windshield because light’s glaring off of a crack, you could end up hurting your vehicle, yourself or others.

Repairing a crack before it goes from a minor repair to a major replacement saves you money. Not only do you save on avoiding a complete replacement, but having the crack repaired gives a glass technician a chance to look over your other RV windows. Did you know that running the A/C to compensate for leaking windows can make you use more gas? Properly sealed windows hold in the cool air, reducing the amount of time you need to run your A/C.

We’ll Make It Easy!

At Astro Auto Glass, we have certified auto glass technicians who can examine your RV’s windows, find the cracks, chips and gaps and give you a lifetime warranty on our repairs. With our high quality materials and competitive pricing, we don’t add to your pre-vacation worries. We lighten them! Contact us today to schedule your appointment so you can hit the road confidently this summer!

The Importance of Window Tinting

Window tinting is an important part in keeping a car or truck looking great. Everyone knows that. What is less evident is that window tinting is also an important part in helping a vehicle maintain value over years of use, driver safety and providing greater security. It’s one aspect of vehicle aesthetics that can have major impacts far beyond the sleek look it provides.

Driver Safety And Window Tinting

Everyone who sees tinted windows on a vehicle can see that it creates a sleek, mysterious look. While that is great for a driver’s ego, window tinting also reduces glare from the Sun. Bright sunlight and glare are Continue reading “The Importance of Window Tinting”