Handling the Details

When summer vacation approaches, it’s time to handle all the little details and then toss caution to the wind and enjoy your family trips. All of the little things you have to address before you can enjoy some carefree time can be annoying. Don’t let maintenance on your RV be one of the things you let slide just to save yourself a little time!

It’s Just a Little Crack, Right?


A crack in your RV’s windshield isn’t just dangerous; it’s illegal. Windshields are part of the protective structure of a vehicle, and if they’re compromised, it can end in collisions. If you can’t see out of your windshield because light’s glaring off of a crack, you could end up hurting your vehicle, yourself or others.

Repairing a crack before it goes from a minor repair to a major replacement saves you money. Not only do you save on avoiding a complete replacement, but having the crack repaired gives a glass technician a chance to look over your other RV windows. Did you know that running the A/C to compensate for leaking windows can make you use more gas? Properly sealed windows hold in the cool air, reducing the amount of time you need to run your A/C.

We’ll Make It Easy!

At Astro Auto Glass, we have certified auto glass technicians who can examine your RV’s windows, find the cracks, chips and gaps and give you a lifetime warranty on our repairs. With our high quality materials and competitive pricing, we don’t add to your pre-vacation worries. We lighten them! Contact us today to schedule your appointment so you can hit the road confidently this summer!

The Importance of Window Tinting

Window tinting is an important part in keeping a car or truck looking great. Everyone knows that. What is less evident is that window tinting is also an important part in helping a vehicle maintain value over years of use, driver safety and providing greater security. It’s one aspect of vehicle aesthetics that can have major impacts far beyond the sleek look it provides.

Driver Safety And Window Tinting

Everyone who sees tinted windows on a vehicle can see that it creates a sleek, mysterious look. While that is great for a driver’s ego, window tinting also reduces glare from the Sun. Bright sunlight and glare are Continue reading “The Importance of Window Tinting”

How Does Windshield Repair Work?

The Choice Between Repair and Replacement

Your windshield is meant to provide an unobstructed view of the road as well as structural support for your vehicle, meaning that damage sustained by its surface should be corrected as soon as possible. Although you could arrange for a replacement, repair is the less expensive option. One that makes even more economic sense when it can restore your unobstructed view of the road.

The Limitations to Windshield Repair

With that said, there are limits to what auto glass technicians can and cannot repair. Since the exact capabilities of one auto glass technician differs from the next, you need to take your car in if you want an exact assessment. Still, there are some useful generalizations that can be made.

For example, chips and other kinds of surface damage that measure less than 1.5 inches in diameter should Continue reading “How Does Windshield Repair Work?”

How is Safety Glass Made?

When it comes to the construction of a motor vehicle windshield, it’s mandatory that the glass be designed with the utmost care and treatment. After all, when driving a vehicle 75 miles per hour down the freeway, the last thing someone wants is a busted through windshield after a rock or pebble is thrown back at the glass. Not only would this deem an expensive fix, but it’s also extremely dangerous, and in some cases, deadly.

Today’s modern windshields are commonly made of plastic-coated glass, a type of safety glass designed specifically for your motor vehicle. This type of glass, which involves two bowed sheets of glass with a plastic layer laminated between them, is fused into the window’s frame. This is made specifically to prevent outside elements from making way into the car. Laminated windshield glass is often regarded as the safest type of glass, and this is of course because it has been built and manufactured to Continue reading “How is Safety Glass Made?”

Is Your Car Ready for the Heat?

New Mexico summers often reach temperatures in the high 90s and even the triple digits – and the inside of a parked car gets even hotter. An hour in 95 degree weather can bring a car’s internal temperature up to 140 degrees, or more than hot enough to fry an egg.

Your car’s hot interior can be a major inconvenience. A steering wheel that’s too hot to handle and a seat that’s uncomfortably warm make driving a hassle. And the heat in your car can damage the plastics used in vehicle interiors, causing them to release chemicals into the air you breathe.

You don’t have to suffer in a hot car, and be exposed to these chemical gasses. This summer, get your Continue reading “Is Your Car Ready for the Heat?”

Window Tinting Is More Than Just ‘Looking Cool’

Dark windows are usually part of a car’s exterior appearance, but they serve a valuable function as well. Window tinting helps prevent car accidents, protects your car’s interior, reduces your gasoline usage and protects even your skin.

  • How Does It Work?
    Window tinting actually blocks UV rays—both A and B; ultraviolet light comes in two wavelengths—and helps reflect thermal rays to reduce the amount of heat the sun is able to transfer into your vehicle.
  • What Does That Mean?
    By blocking the thermal rays and reducing heat transference, the interior of your car stays cooler. With the right tinting, a vehicle can stay up to 60% cooler in the summer. It filters sunlight, providing you with visible light while blocking the rays that will drive the temperature up.
  • How Does This Protect My Car?
    With the reduction in a car’s internal heat, your upholstery isn’t subjected to the same Continue reading “Window Tinting Is More Than Just ‘Looking Cool’”

Tips for a Healthy Windshield

Visibility is one of the most common factors in auto accidents, so a healthy windshield is necessary for safety on the road. Unlike the rest of your vehicle, a windshield has relatively simple maintenance. The steps you can take to boost its durability and effectiveness are easy and, with a little practice, can become pure habit. Here are some tips to help keep that windshield undamaged and fully functional:

  • Sudden temperature changes on glass lead to broken glass so don’t be tempted to de-ice your windshield with hot water. Vehicles come with a defrost option for a reason; let the car warm up gradually and use an ice scraper to clear away the melting ice. Waking up a few minutes earlier to safely defrost your windshield is a small price to pay to prevent cracks.
  • If possible, always park your car under an overhang or in a garage. Gusts of wind can blow small objects about, causing chips in the glass. During the monsoon season, hailstorms aren’t entirely unheard of. A windshield is a vulnerable target for hail, so having your car under even a tree branch can lessen the chances of coming out to a broken windshield. The same caution Continue reading “Tips for a Healthy Windshield”