What Makes Auto Glass Different?

Your vehicle’s windshield is one of its most important safety features. While it may look like any other glass, auto glass is designed to protect you in an accident.

Most types of glass, including the glass used in home windows,  

Little-Known History of the Car Windshield

Drivers on the road today do not even remember a time when cars were manufactured without windshields, so the history of one of the most important vehicle safety fetures is nearly forgotten. But the New Year provides an opportunity  

Keep Your Glass Intact, Before and After Travel

With the holiday season in full swing, there’s a lot of travel occurring. One of the hazards of this travel is damage to your car’s glass. Windshields and windows can both be cracked, chipped and broken. With the high  

Is a Clean Windshield a Stronger Windshield?

Glass cracks, chips and breaks. This can be a serious problem when it’s your car windshield that’s taking the damage. You can avoid driving on gravel roads and try to park in the shade during the summer to avoid  

Does Your Insurance Policy Have a Glass Deductible?

Cracked and chipped windshields are a simple fact of life as a car owner. Throughout the life of your car, you will probably end up needing windshield repair many times. If you have insurance, the cost of this can  

Repairing Those Little Windshield Chips

A rock pings off of the windshield while you’re driving and what’s left behind is a small “star” of damage on the glass. These may not interfere with your visibility and they look innocuous. But when sudden temperature changes  

Get Your Windshield Repaired Before Cold Weather Sets In

Over the summer, your windshield probably picked up a few cracks and dings, especially if you decided to go camping or on an interstate vacation. But now that summer is winding down and fall is around the corner, it’s  

Is Your Car Ready for the Heat?

New Mexico summers often reach temperatures in the high 90s and even the triple digits – and the inside of a parked car gets even hotter. An hour in 95 degree weather can bring a car’s internal temperature up  

Is Full Glass Insurance Worth It?

The role of insurance can never be over emphasized, regardless of what is being insured. Auto glass or full glass insurance, for example, is an insurance policy that is intended to mitigate against unforeseen losses or damages to your  

Handling the Details

When summer vacation approaches, it’s time to handle all the little details and then toss caution to the wind and enjoy your family trips. All of the little things you have to address before you can enjoy some carefree