How Car Windshield Repair Keeps You Safe

Don’t underestimate the important role your vehicle’s windshield plays in safety. This essential component protects you and your passengers in a number of ways, some of which may be surprising. Proper maintenance of your windshield is also crucial, including scheduling timely repair when needed.

How Windshields Are Made

Car windshields are constructed from two pieces of glass, between which is a piece of vinyl. These components are then laminated, which prevents the glass from breaking on impact. Even when struck with great force, the glass will remain intact due to its construction. This prevents serious lacerations from flying glass during accidents, or even as a result of a rock being kicked up by the tire in front of you.

Other Ways They Keep You Safe

Windshields play a major role in safety during vehicle rollovers. When your windshield is sturdy, it will prevent your vehicle’s roof from caving during rollovers. Windshields also stop you from being ejected from a vehicle in case of a serious collision, while also ensuring air bags deploy in the correct position.

What You Can Do to Increase Safety

Eve minor cracks and chips cause windshields to lose stability, especially when they’re close to the edge. If you notice chip in the glass, schedule repair service as soon as possible. Chip and crack repair stop the defect from getting worse and potentially compromising your safety. You may also need to have the windshield replaced if the crack is large in size or located directly in your line of vision.

Along with caring for the glass itself, make sure your wipers are working correctly. Bad wipers decrease visibility, as well as cause scratches and gouges to form on the glass. Be sure to change wiper blades every six to 12 months, or when you notice obvious wear and tear.

Where Can You Go for Quality Repairs in Albuquerque?

Whether you need crack and chip repair or a full auto glass replacement, quality service matters. Astro Auto Glass of Albuquerque proudly provides skilled services combined with unbeatable customer service. All glass replacements are accompanied by a lifetime warranty. And if your repair fails to remedy the issue, we’ll credit it towards a brand-new installation. Please schedule your appointment by calling 505-766-5176 today. You can also ask about our mobile services, or contact us for more information.