Best Time to Tint Windows

Having your vehicle’s windows tinted offers practical and aesthetic benefits. Tinted windows keep the interior cool and prevent would-be thieves from spying something valuable in your vehicle. Window tinting also enhances the look of cars and trucks, which means you can drive your vehicle with pride. If you’re considering window tinting services, here are a few key factors to keep in mind.

Summer Is Prime Time for Window Tinting

Dry, hot weather makes for ideal tinting conditions. Accordingly, summer may be the best time to have your windows tinted in New Mexico.

Cure time, meaning the time it takes for the tint to set, can take longer in cold weather. High humidity can have a similar effect, so summer in New Mexico is generally the best time to update your vehicle’s auto glass. However, there are other times when window tinting makes sense.

Best Times to Consider Tinting Service

Along with the summer months, window tinting services offer numerous benefits in other situations:

  • After you’ve purchased a new car, as the tint can protect your interior from sun damage
  • When you’re concerned about concealing items in the vehicle to deter theft
  • If you’d like to enhance the visual appeal of your car or truck

While scheduling tinting during the summer months is most amenable when it comes to climate, car owners can schedule tinting service whenever they see fit.

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