The True Benefits of Tinting Your Vehicle Windows

Sure, tinted windows look good on a car. But is tinting your car’s windows really worth it? At Astro Auto Glass, we know it is!



The Short-Term Benefits of Tinting the Windows of Your Vehicle

There are many benefits to tinting your windows, some of which you can realize immediately:

One of the most noticeable and immediate results you get from window tinting is freedom from intrusive ogling. Tinted windows make it difficult, if not impossible, for other drivers to see into your car. Tinted windows also keep passers-by from seeing what’s inside your vehicle when it’s parked, making it a poor target for auto theft.

Temperature reduction
Window tinting reduces the temperature in your car by nearly 50°F (up to 8°C), depending on the quality, VLA and VLT ratings of your film (i.e. the amount of visible light absorbed/transmitted by the tint). So, window tinting allows you to maintain a more comfortable cabin temperature without over-taxing your AC system, even during hot, sunny Albuquerque summers.

Glare reduction
The reduction of visible light let in through your windows reduces glare, minimizing eye strain for you and your passengers.

Increased glass strength
The adhesive of the tinting film helps keep your glass intact when struck. So, tinted glass reduces or prevents spall—and injuries resulting from it—in the event of an accident. Window tint can also make it harder for potential thieves to break into your car through the windows.

The Long-Term Benefits of Tinting the Windows of Your Vehicle 

The immediate benefits of window tinting are impressive, yet window tinting can deliver even more benefits over a longer period of time. The most notable long-term benefit of window tinting is UV protection. By blocking UV rays from penetrating your car, window tinting helps:

  • Protect the interior of your car from UV-induced deterioration—i.e., discoloration of your upholstery and cracking of your dash and console.
  • Protect your skin and eyes from UV rays.

What benefits you get out of your tint depends on the quality of the tint. At Astro Auto Glass, we make sure you get the best value. Our experienced team will help you decide what type of tint is best for your car, your needs and your budget, and we’ll provide professional installation free of defects. And that’s one more benefit—a flawless, high-quality tint that adds to the value of your car!

Contact Astro Auto Glass in Albuquerque today for high-quality window tinting and realize the benefits for yourself!