How to Avoid Chips and Cracks in Your Auto Glass

Broken auto glass can cause unsafe driving conditions if the defect impacts your vision. It can also lead to more serious issues if the crack or chip continues growing. While timely repair is recommended should an issue arise, you must also take steps to prevent damage whenever you can.

Avoid Unpaved Roads

Unpaved gravel roads are notorious for causing auto glass damage. You can avoid issues by staying off these roads in the first place, but there might come a time when you find yourself on one regardless. In this case, drive slowly and exit the road as soon as possible. You should also take note of the location to avoid the gravel road in the future.

Park in a Garage or Under a Covering

Even small hail can cause damage to your windshield. That’s why you should always park your vehicle under some kind of covering, especially during the stormy season. A garage is the best choice but consider erecting a carport if your home lacks a garage. You should also look for covering when out and about, whether that’s a parking garage or under some other kind of covering.

Be Careful When Driving on the Highway

Highway driving often means encountering large work vehicles. These vehicles usually haul rugged materials, such as gravel, which can break loose and make contact with your auto glass while driving. It’s also possible that large tires will kick up rocks and send them hurtling towards your vehicle. If you see a large work truck, try to avoid it the best you can. Decrease your speed or use the passing lane to navigate around it safely. And if you’re traveling through a work zone, be sure to follow posted signs regarding the speed limit.

When it comes to those unavoidable auto glass mishaps, Astro Auto Glass is happy to help. Since 1997, we’ve provided a wide range of auto glass repair services capable of addressing chips, cracks, and other defects. And when damage is severe, you can speak to us about windshield replacement.

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