Windshield Chip Repair

Even the tiniest windshield chip can cause big problems for your vehicle. That’s why our repair team at Astro Auto Glass encourages customers to schedule service immediately when dealing with a chip or a crack.

Auto glass defects tend to get worse over time, which affects the look of your vehicle. Driving with damaged glass can also land you in legal trouble if it obstructs your view. Fully intact auto glass also makes for a safer driving experience if you’re ever involved in an accident.

What Is a Star Chip?

Star chips incorporate cracks and chips into one type of damage. At the center is the chip, which can take on a full or partial bullseye shape. Cracks will also radiate out from the center of the chip in all directions, and these cracks will grow worse as the windshield vibrates.

Can Star Chips Be Repaired?

It really depends on the size and location of the star chip. Any damage located at the edge of the windshield can compromise stability, so a replacement is best in this instance. Lengthy cracks can prove tough to repair effectively, so we recommend replacement. We also recommend replacement when there are multiple star chips present on the windshield.

How Do You Determine the Best Service Option?

We assess every vehicle on an individual basis when recommending repair or replacement. While we’ll always try to find the most affordable option for customers, we’ll also be up front and honest about what we believe is the best solution. We want you and your vehicle to be safe, which sometimes requires a total replacement to ensure optimum visibility and stability.

In addition to auto glass repair, our team can also perform window tinting to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable.

If you’d like more information about our services and qualifications, feel free to contact us today. You can also schedule an appointment by calling 505-766-5176.