New Windshield Installation

If you need a new windshield, you need Astro Auto Glass. We provide top-quality auto glass installation, results and customer service throughout the greater Albuquerque area.

When – And Why – You Need a New Windshield

Auto glass is made to withstand more impact than your home windows. Because it is, auto glass contributes to crash protection. However, repeated impact or severe force weakens your auto glass, so it’s can’t help keep you safe. That’s when you need a new windshield.

Signs that your windshield needs replacement include:

  • Five or more chips on the windshield surface (even if they have been filled)
  • A crack that continues to grow
  • A crack that got worse after repairs were attempted
  • A chip or star that interferes with visibility

You may need a new windshield even if the glass is intact if you notice water leaking. This is an indicator of deteriorated seals and/or adhesive. Often, your existing windshield cannot be salvaged when removed to replace the seals.

Convenient New Windshield Installation Service

Astro Auto Glass can install your new windshield when and where it is convenient for you. We offer same-day appointments in-shop and on-site, even on weekends!

Windshield installation takes about two hours (including curing time for the new adhesive).

Going Above and Beyond Your Expectations

Astro Auto Glass can assist you with getting your new windshield (materials and installation) paid for by your insurance provider. We are happy to file a claim on your behalf.

Please contact us for a free estimate for a new windshield and to schedule your appointment.