Auto Glass Trends to Watch In 2024

Most people don’t give much thought to their auto glass, especially when compared to other vehicle components. However, vehicle windshields and windows are essential from a safety perspective, and they also help drivers operate their cars and trucks capably by ensuring optimal visibility. To make for a safer, more enjoyable driving experience, auto glass manufacturers and car makers are eyeing up the following trends for 2024.

Improved Safety Standards

Windshield glass is becoming lighter while simultaneously offering improved strength and durability. This is key to keeping windshields intact if struck by objects during accidents. Auto glass durability is especially crucial in roll-over accidents, as the windshield helps keep the roof of the vehicle stable and prevents it from collapsing.

Smart Technology

Smart functions are becoming more common in windshields. For instance, image projection features can present things like speed and fuel levels directly on the windshield, as opposed to on the dashboard. This prevents drivers from looking away from the road while operating vehicles. Automated tinting is also becoming more common, which helps reduce accidents caused by sun glare.

Bigger Windshields and Windows

As auto makers aim to make vehicles safer, the size of windshields and windows continues to expand. Larger windshields improve visibility, which ensures that drivers can remain alert on the road. However, the expanding size of auto glass fixtures in vehicles is also an aesthetic adjustment, as car owners these days love the look of sizable windshields, windows, and even sunroofs.

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