How Does Rear Auto Glass Replacement Differ from Windshield Replacement?

Most motorists don’t think much about their rear windshield until the component is damaged. At this point, timely repair service is necessary to address the damage and ensure a safe driving experience. It also helps drivers to understand the difference between front and rear windshields, which can impact how these features are repaired and replaced.

The Function of Rear Windshields

The most obvious function of your rear windshield is visibility, as it allows you to look behind your vehicle when backing up. It can also alert you to possible road hazards, such as emergency vehicles or speeding drivers.

However, rear windshields also play an important role in the stability of your vehicle. In the event of a serious roll-over accident, the rear windshield helps maintain structural integrity when a vehicle is on its roof. This can greatly decrease injuries in serious accidents by protecting vehicle occupants. When a rear windshield experiences chips or cracks, structural integrity can be severely compromised.

Differences in Rear Windshield Replacement

Because rear windshields are integral to vehicle safety, timely repair is a must. In this case, the repair specialist will remove the damaged windshield and replace it with a special type of glass. Safety glass is tempered, meaning that it’s treated with heat or chemicals to reinforce its strength when struck by objects.

In the event the rear windshield does break, it’s designed to break down into chunks of glass as opposed to shards. This prevents vehicle occupants from being injured by broken glass in a crash, which is crucial for mitigating potential injuries. When it comes to the replacement process, repair specialists usually take the following steps:

  • Inspection of the rear windshield
  • Removal of the damaged glass
  • Cleaning the area around the windshield to prepare for the new glass
  • New safety glass installation
  • Cleaning of the new rear windshield

A Trusted Provider of Auto Glass Repair

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