Does an Auto Glass claim Affect Your Insurance?

A cracked windshield is a serious issue that requires immediate repair. While these repairs are usually covered by insurance, you may have concerns about the impact to your rate. Here are a few things that might happen when filing an insurance claim for damaged auto glass.

When a Claim Won’t Affect Your Insurance

Windshield damage doesn’t typically reflect on your abilities as a driver. This damage is usually covered by comprehensive policies, which provide repair funds for non-collision damage. Auto glass can often become cracked accidentally, such as when the vehicle in front of you kicks up a rock and it makes contact with your windshield. In this case, many insurers would not raise rates as the result of a single glass claim.

When a Claim Might Affect Your Insurance

There are a few occasions when a glass claim could cause an increase to your insurance rate after filing. Rates are calculated using many factors, including the number of claims filed over a certain period of time. Filing too many glass claims in a short period can lead to rates going up. And having a lengthy claims history can also result in the glass claim increasing monthly premiums.

How to Keep Insurance Rates Manageable

If you’re concerned about insurance rates after glass damage, you may be able to avoid making a claim by finding a repair shop with reasonable rates. Auto glass repair is often very affordable depending on the nature of the damage, so weigh the increased insurance costs against the cost for one-time repairs to decide.

You can also work with your insurer to look for possible discounts. Some companies offer discounted rates for bundling policies or maintaining good grades, which is beneficial when you have a teen driver in the family. Your rates will also naturally decrease after maintaining a good driving record for a period of time.

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