Before You Tint Your Windows, Ask These Questions First

The sun in Albuquerque can be unforgiving, a fact that is particularly noticeable when you climb into your vehicle after letting it sit for any length of time. Though window tint can’t protect you from the sun’s rays when you’re walking around, it can help to keep your car cool while it’s parked. That said, before you move forward with window tinting, ask yourself and the company with which you plan to work five important questions. Continue reading “Before You Tint Your Windows, Ask These Questions First”

Did You Know We Offer Commercial Services, Too?

Astro Auto Glass is known throughout the greater Albuquerque area for our exceptional auto glass services and window tinting. But auto glass is only part of what we do.

Albuquerque businesses can also rely on us for commercial fleet glass services and commercial building window tinting.

Our Commercial Services

Our technicians are certified by the National Glass Association to provide:

  • Commercial Vehicle Auto Glass Repair and Replacement
    Astro Auto Glass provides the same range of services available for personal vehicles to commercial vehicles. We offer both on-site and mobile commercial auto glass repair for chip fills, crack stops and complete windshield or other auto window replacements.
    Our certified and friendly technicians will take care of your auto glass repair quickly and professionally.; we’ll even process insurance claims for you.
  • Commercial Fleet Window Tinting
    Astro Auto Glass has provided high-quality auto window tinting services since 1997, and that includes service to commercial fleet vehicles.
    Tinting the windows of your commercial fleet provides a cooler interior and glare reduction for a safer and more comfortable to drive.
    We offer window tints in a variety of shades and colors to meet your company’s needs. Our certified professionals install the industry-preferred tint films that are scratch-resistant and UV resistant.
  • Commercial Building Window Tinting
    Window tinting isn’t just for fleet or company vehicles. Window tinting for your commercial building can make your facility more comfortable, secure and energy efficient.
    Astro Auto Glass provides reliable commercial building window tinting in Albuquerque along with a hassle-free experience.

Contact Astro Auto Glass today for a free estimate for commercial window services.

How Long Does Window Tint Last?

You’ve been thinking about tinting your car/home/office windows for a while now, but you’ve got questions:

Does window tinting provide enough protection and heat reduction?
Perhaps more important—will the window tinting the film last long enough to make the investment worth it?

When you choose quality window tinting from Astro Auto Glass, you will get tint that lasts, providing excellent value.

What Affects Window Tint’s Lifespan

There is no easy way to answer the question “How long will my window tint last?” because the lifespan of window tinting varies greatly. There are a number of factors involved, such as:

How Does Window Tint Reduce Heat Inside My Car?

Albuquerque summers are hot! The sun beats down unrelentingly, and that heat gets trapped inside your car, making it even hotter when you get inside. But, you can reduce heat buildup inside your car with a simple, one-time fix—window tinting from Astro Auto Glass.

How Does it Work?

The purpose of window tinting is to protect the interior of the car from the solar radiation—that includes UV rays that deteriorate your upholstery and damage Continue reading “How Does Window Tint Reduce Heat Inside My Car?”

The True Benefits of Tinting Your Vehicle Windows

Sure, tinted windows look good on a car. But is tinting your car’s windows really worth it? At Astro Auto Glass, we know it is!

The Short-Term Benefits of Tinting the Windows of Your Vehicle

There are many benefits to tinting your windows, some of which you can realize immediately:

One of the most noticeable and immediate results you get from window tinting is freedom from intrusive ogling. Tinted windows make it difficult, if not impossible, for other drivers to Continue reading “The True Benefits of Tinting Your Vehicle Windows”

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Vehicle’s Paint Looking New During Winter

Admittedly, it is nearly impossible to keep your vehicle looking brand-new during the winter. There are times when it will be coated with frost, ice and/or snow, the mineral deposits left behind when it melts and road grime. And there will be times when it’s just not advisable to get your car washed (when you know temperatures are going to be consistently below freezing).

However, despite the sometimes dull and dirty exterior, you can still keep your paint in good condition so that when winter’s all over, your paint still looks as good as new.

#1: Prepare Your Paint for Winter Weather and Road Conditions

By far, the best way to ensure your paint looks like new after winter is to add extra protection—i.e., carnuba wax—before winter.

If you missed the opportunity while weather was still mild after Thanksgiving, you still have a chance to mitigate future paint damage. Whenever the weather is warm enough (we recommend 40°), treat your car to a thorough wash and wax. With New Mexico’s unpredictable late winter/early spring weather, there very well may be more snow and ice—and the corrosive substances that melt it—from which your paint needs protection.

For car owners who want to take paint protection one step farther, you can also get clear bra paint protection film applied at Astro Auto Glass. Contact us for a quote and appointment.

#2: Remove Grime Sooner Rather Than Later

If you do drive through winter road conditions, you may see a buildup of snow, ice and slush in your wheel wells and splatters along your front bumper and up your hood. As soon as it’s warm enough, get that gunk off.

Allowing water deposits (in any form) containing salt or ice melt sit on your car gives these substances time to eat through your clear coat, making the paint and metal beneath vulnerable to deterioration.

#3: Remove Hard-to-See Embedded Grit

A lot of what sprays up from the road and sticks to your car may actually get stuck in the clear coat. You can remove it without damaging your paint by using a clay bar.

#4: Reapply Wax

Every time you wash your car to remove winter grime, you need to reapply wax. Again, wax creates an additional layer of protection between the elements and your vehicle’s clear coat…and your clear coat is vital to keeping your paint intact and fade-resistant.

#5: Touch-Up

All the debris that may collect on the road beneath the ice and snow may scratch your paint, penetrating the clear coat, even down to the paint. That exposure invites corrosion, so it is crucial to cover it up ASAP.

Touch-up paints are available in a wide array of manufacturer-original colors for a perfect match. Most car owners can DIY touch-ups and achieve a seamless finish. However, for large areas, you are more likely to restore your good-as-new paint look with the help of professionals. Do you have any other tips to keep your paint looking like new despite winter weather? Share them on our Facebook page.

3 Types of Wintertime Glass Damage to Avoid

Winter is the season of auto glass abuse as people try to minimize the time they spend in the cold restoring visibility through their windows. Unfortunately, many time-saving tricks damage your auto glass, making it more susceptible to chips and cracks you have to pay to get repaired.

To ensure the integrity of your auto glass stays intact throughout the cold, avoid these types of damage: Continue reading “3 Types of Wintertime Glass Damage to Avoid”