Can You Get Your Windshield Tinted in New Mexico?

By getting your New Mexico license and driving on New Mexico roads, you implicitly consent to abide by New Mexico’s rules of the road. Those rules pertain to both your driving responsibilities and behaviors as well as your equipment’s fitness to be on the road.

New Mexico does permit windshield tinting. However, if you want to modify your equipment—i.e., your vehicle—to include windshield tinting, you need to make sure your tinting complies with New Mexico’s guidelines.

New Mexico Windshield Tint Rules

New Mexico requires that every driver to see clearly through the windshield. The presence of any nontransparent material on the windshield is banned. Because it is transparent, tinting is permitted on your windshield but only:

  • A non-reflective shade used along top five inches of the window or above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, whichever comes first.
  • A shade that permits a minimum of 20% visible light transmission (VLT)

New Mexico bans the use of red, yellow or umber tints on your windshield (or any auto windows).

Getting Legal Windshield Tinting

Astro Auto Glass provides quality window tinting that keeps your car in compliance with New Mexico’s guidelines. We carry a variety of colors and shades by industry-preferred manufacturers. Contact or visit us to schedule window tinting for your vehicle.