Common Causes of Windshield Damage…and How to Prevent Them

Windshield damage is common, but it’s not inevitable. Once you know who the main culprits are behind chips and cracks, you may be able to avoid them so that you can maintain a beautiful, vision-obstruction-free windshield.

Top 3 Causes of Windshield Damage

Your windshield is designed to protect you and your passengers from a host of flying objects on the roadways. And most of the time, windshields tolerate a wide range of debris of varying sizes and hurtling toward your car at varying speeds. However, some conditions are more

likely than others to compromise the integrity of your windshield, including:

    Gravel and other road debris
    It seems like it should be obvious—when there is a lot of loose “stuff” around, that stuff can easily get caught under another vehicle’s tires and rocketed at your vehicle. Risk for windshield damage increases with the amount of stuff on roadways and as space between you and the nearest launcher decreases.

    Driving next to large vehicles (i.e. semis)
    Semi-trailers and other large haulers have mud flaps to prevent debris from flying off their tires onto other vehicles…but mud flaps are not fool proof. In fact, at high speeds, mud flaps’ wild flapping can shoot mud and debris even further.

    Poor windshield installation
    If your windshield was installed off-center or with poor-quality adhesives, the vibrations created while driving can cause cracking and worsen cracks forming around a chip.

Any windshield damage can be worsened when to suffer seasonal freeze-thaw cycles.

Preventing Windshield Damage

You cannot always control what is on the road or who may be sharing the roadways. However, you can control your car, which can go a long way toward preventing windshield damage. Here’s how:

Give adequate space between you and neighboring vehicles

Increasing the distance between your car and any vehicle that could launch debris at your windshield allows velocity of said debris to decrease, thereby mitigating the risk of damage.

In the case of poor-quality installation, do not wait until you see damage. As soon as you notice heavy vibrations, bring your car to Astro Auto Glass. We will reset and reglue the windshield so that it stays firmly in place where it should be to protect you and your passengers.