Why NOW Is the Best Time to Get Your Windows Tinted

You’ve probably thought about getting your window’s tinted hundreds of times. You see how sleek it looks when another car with quality tinting passes by. And it doesn’t take much imagination to remember the discomfort of getting into a sweltering car in the summer.

Tinting can enhance the look and interior comfort of your vehicle, and the best time to get it is now! Here’s why:

No Wait for Tinting

Because so many people do wait until the temperatures climb and they suffer through days and days of uncomfortable interior temperatures before getting tinting, there are more open appointments. Astro Auto Glass is likely to have a same-day slot ready for you when you call.

Good Temperature Range for Curing

Window tinting film will cure for several days after initial application. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can interfere with optimal curing, and that can result in peeling film.

Our mild winter is perfect for tinting film, and if you can park in a garage, even better!

Glare Knows No Season

Even though window tinting film may not have a drastic effect on the interior temperature of your car yet, it will instantly improve visibility and reduce eyestrain.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Astro Auto Glass to schedule an appointment for full or windshield-only window tinting. Applications are all done in our dust-free, temperature-controlled booth for a flawless finish.