Best Materials and Ways to Clean Car Windows

Clean car windows look good and they also improve visibility while driving, especially during winter. But are you frustrated at cleaning your windows only to see streaks appear before your very eyes?

You’re not alone, but Astro Auto Glass can help with a quick and easy window-cleaning tutorial.

What You Need for Window Cleaning

To achieve spotless windows, you need the right materials:

  • Ammonia-free glass cleaner
  • Clean microfiber towels
  • Razor blade
  • White vinegar (optional)

We’re picky about materials for a reason. First, you need to stay away from ammonia-based formulas because they dry out interior surfaces, including rubber, plastic, leather, vinyl, and they damage tinted windows. High-quality microfiber towels provide a gentle scrubbing action to clean even the most stubborn stains.

The Proper Window Cleaning Technique

Before you can clean your windows to a streak-free shine, you need to remove solid debris, including stickers.

For stubborn stickers, try this:

  • Soak the sticker with ammonia-free glass cleaning solution
  • Gently slide a razor blade beneath the sticker and pull at the corners to lift it away from the

Wipe away any sticky residue with rubbing or denatured alcohol.

Now you’re ready to clean your windows properly. Make sure your car is out of direct sunlight, and with ammonia-free cleaner and microfiber towel at the ready:

  • Lift up the windshield wipers.
  • Spray the exterior of the windshield with cleaner (you may want to let the cleaner soak dried residue like splattered bugs)
  • Wipe in a horizontal motion (on the interior, use a vertical motion)
  • Wipe the wiper blades with a cloth damped with glass cleaner solution or water and white vinegar to remove all dirt and debris
  • Once the windshield is completely dry, buff with a clean dry towel

Repeat the process for all car windows. That’s really all it takes!

If you discover chips or cracks in the window-cleaning process, contact Astro Auto Glass. We provide convenient (and mobile) windshield repair and replacement services.